This gripping tale of twin twelve-year-olds, Verity and Ethan, who travel to Guatemala with their father, is packed full of archaeological intrigue. Whilst excavating a newly found Maya city, an ancient mask is discovered. Is the mask the cause of the end of the Maya civilisation, or is something more underhand going on? Will these children find out the answer as they deal with danger, kidnap, excitement and mystery? After the earlier death of their mother, the children have to deal with problem-solving as independent young minds in the confusing world of a foreign country. What will it take to succeed?

This book melds great writing with fast-paced action and adventure, whilst also asking questions of the reader. With more than a hint of philosophy for young people, this book offers much for its readers.

About the Authors

Johnny Pearce is a former teacher and primary school head of English. Part of this project is to show to his pupils a reason for learning about writing: writing with a purpose for an audience. They can become writers, too. He is also a philosopher who likes to think a lot. Hopefully, this has seeped into this book. Perhaps there is fuel for some good P4C (Philosophy 4 Children) sessions within these pages. As one famous thinker once said: the unexamined life isn’t worth living. Examine your lives with big questions! Pearce lives in Hampshire with his partner and twin boys and loves writing all sorts of things, from fiction to non-fiction, poetry to geekery. He hopes the readers both enjoy this book and become inspired to write their own, either for themselves or anyone else.

Andy Loneragan is a teacher in Hampshire. He worked alongside Johnny Pearce for a number of years and despite this experience, agreed to write this book with him. This is Andy’s first foray into writing and he wants to show his pupils that writing and hopefully reading too is something everybody can enjoy. 

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