Each short text is accompanied by VIPERS reading comprehensions and the answers. 

Each stage relates to year group expectations.  Stage 1 = Year 1, Stage 2 = Year 2 etc.  We have called them stages in case you have children working at a level which differs from their own year group.  This way a Y4 child working below expectations does not have to complete Y2 work, for example. 

How do we decide on the stages?
The texts are passed through a Lexile analyser.  Each text receives a Lexile score and the stages are based on the following lexile levels.
Stage 1 = 200 - 300
Stage 2 = 300 - 575
Stage 3 = 575 - 750
Stage 4 = 750 - 840
Stage 5 = 840 - 930
Stage 6 = 930+

The Lexile score is only to be used as a guide.  There are a number of factors which can increase the Lexile score, one of these is technical language.   Where technical language is prevalent the score increases, we however have used our own professional judgement to include them in the correct stage. 

Some texts with a high Lexile score may need to be used with support or by children working at a high level within the stage. 

In some texts, particularly in Stages 5 and 6, some of the scores are slightly lower due to some of the content being written for effect.  For example, short sentences to add dramatic effect or tension lower the score - but are important technical aspects to be experienced by readers. 

View a list of all the comprehensions, their text type and their focus by clicking the 'overview' button below.  This list also indicates which comprehensions have accompanying TEACHING SLIDES.