Book Studies 

 The book studies have been produced to aid the discussion of texts in small group or whole class reading sessions.  We provide VIPERS questions for each section of the text.

How to use book studies

There are no answers to the questions in the book studies section as they are a teacher aide rather than a resource to be used independently. They can be used to stimulate independent small group discussions.

There is no recommended way to use the questions.  Questions for each VIPERS area are provided for each section of the text but teachers may prefer to focus on one area in a session whilst looking at a particular page or chapter of the text.

Writing Units

These units include the reading resources above as well as the new writing resources. 

These new resources are generally 5-10 sessions long.  They consist of a lesson overview, which details the learning objectives and outcomes, 10 session plans and the printable resources needed to deliver the sessions.

It may be that some classes need to spend more than one lesson on some of the sessions but this will be dependent on each individual cohort and the writing stamina of the children.

Find the writing units in the book studies below by clicking on the book titles with the red logos.

Click the button to download a PDF list of the available texts.