The Black hat 7-9


​"There was once a boy, quite ordinary like any other, he lived in an old forest cabin with his mute grandmother.  There weren't many things a lonely, young boy like him could do so he went for long forest walks hoping he would find something new" 
Extract from 'The Black Hat'

One day on one of his long walks the boy finds an old black hat and he places it on his head.  When he takes it off and lays it by his bed, this is when the magic begins.

Beautiful creatures emerge from the hat.  The boy captures them in cages and looks at them each day, in awe of their beauty.  One day the boy is saddened to learn that a bird has escaped.  He searches the woods and finds it, he begs it to come back but it doesn't. Soon more birds escape.  It is not until the boy sees this group of birds in flight that he finally understands that they look more beautiful when they are set free.  He understands that they need freedom to let their beauty show. 

Writing Outcomes

  • Narrative
  • Character Description
  • Figurative language

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