Marshmallows 7 - 9 FREE


10 lessons

A boy is camping in the woods (alone for some reason) when a vicious creature creeps up behind him.
Pause the film at 18 secs and ask the children to describe this monster creeping up on the boy.  A good point to use Show not tell writing.  Leave the reader guessing what it is.  You can point this out by explaining uses music to build tension and doesn't show the whole monster.  It just gives clues. 
Can the children use imagery to make the monster sound vicious?  Perhaps use similes and metaphors.
Ask the children to make predictions about what they think will happen next.  (Monster chase the boy type answers will probably come out.) Then let the children watch the next section of the film - up to 1m5secs.  Is this what they thought would happen?  Can they alter their descriptions to make it sound like a friendly monster?  
The monster becomes scary again once the Marshmallows run out.  He chases the boy.... will he escape?  There is a twist at the end! The boy escapes. 

Writing Outcomes

  • Narrative openings
  • Character description
  • Non-chronological reports
  • Action sequences

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